Shoji Hamada - 1894-1978 - Lifelong working companion and friend of Bernard Leach together they maintained an east, west axis that was at the heart of their philosophy. He is regarded as one of the most influential masters of studio pottery, and has probably inspired more potters than any other figure. The simplicity of his designs gives them urgency and power. This man, who was once declared a 'national living treasure', is certainly the jewel in studio pottery's crown.

Shinsaku Hamada 1929 –  is the second son of Shoji Hamada, Shinsaku also worked with Bernard leach for a short time in 1963. He has a world-wide reputation as a master potter, working from his pottery at Mashiko, Japan.

Tomoo Hamada 1967 - Tomoo is the son of Shinsaku Hamada. He works at his father’s and grandfather’s workshop in Mashiko, Japan. In 1995 he visited Bernard Leach and spent a short time at the pottery. Although he uses traditional methods, his work is distinctively different from that of his father and grandfather. His more complex shapes and designs are highly regarded wordwide.